Posted on Friday, 01 December 2017

Houston, TX (Dec. 1, 2017) –   Houston-area homebuyers who have postponed making a decision on a new home to the end of the year will find their wait well worth it as Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes have introduced a Home for the Holidays sales event that provides up to $50,000 in incentives.

Buyers purchasing a home from Dec. 1 to 31 will receive up to $50,000 in incentives, which could be a discount in the home’s sales price or design center credit that can be used toward building an outdoor kitchen, installing hardwood floors or outfitting the home with smart technology.

“Homebuyers have been waiting all year for an incentive like this one,” said Paul Blackburn, region president for McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., (MHI), parent company of Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes. “This sales event gives buyers the choice on how they spend the offer and get the home they have always wanted.”